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Here we take our tag line pretty seriously. Its a part of everything we do. We keep improving, we keep evolving, we keep learning. Here we are always building. Building beautiful.

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We design and build awesome things.

Great products need business understanding and the ability to craft great user experiences.

Collaborative Ideation

Often clients discover their thoughts on consumers / market gaps are off the mark. Users behave differently online, we're there to tell you how.

Agile Methodology

Waiting for six months to use and experience software is pointless. We do iterative development, releasing versions three weeks at a time.

User Experience

We use people who have no involvement in the product what-so-ever to test. It's the only real way to test a user experience.

Market Analysis

We identify the ideal target demographics for a product, enabling us to provide below the line marketing ideas for our clients.

Monetization Studies

Revenue channel for a product need to be rock-solid. Experience and diligence save time and money, both of which we provide all our clients.

Technical Co-founders

We make products not projects. As technical co-founders we take responsibility of the technology; while you focus on your business.

Awesome work makes us happy.

It makes our clients happy too. We love new ideas and do many different things.

Festival Sherpa

The best guide to help you discover, share and celebrate festivals.

Live Your Sport

There is only one way to love your sport - live your sport.


Earn rewards from multiple brands for shopping and social sharing!


One stop to find a house to buy in India on your mobile.


Making Strangers Social. Both online and offline.


Give your bedroom a kickass makeover with Vistoso.

Home Collective

A collection of all you need to turn your house into a home.


Indian youth theatre, the kind you've never seen before.

Economic Times

The Power of Ideas 2012 Facebook App - 8 unique contests and games.

We love working with awesome people.

We are usually hanging out in our office at Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Call us at (91) 022 2417 0031
Or drop us a line at info@genii.in

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