Genii [jee-nee-aye]

A technology company where programming and designing are important but smaller fragments of a greater ideal - building elegant solutions


Unindented code and misaligned pixels make us cringe. Our heroes are not the Khans but the Jobs of the world. Passion is what drives us to burn the midnight oil and push the envelope.


We are not your stereotypical IT codemonkeys, mass produced at training centers, working to a specification document. One cannot be better without being different.


We fight over the right shade of blue and the right way to structure databases. We celebrate when our products do well and sulk when we find bugs. We care because it is our love, sweat and tears.

5 Reasons
why our clients love us

There are several more. Unfortunately, we have limited space to brag


Our geniuses are an exclusive lot. For every genius we hire we reject hundreds of applicants. In fact, we had to build our own software to manage the application pool. Our talent pool consists of engineers who are from some best colleges in the country, designers who are featured in popular design communities, some won hackathons in college. Whatever their resumes may reflect they are pretty darned good at their job.


When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail which is why our engineers are polyglots - can work with different languages and frameworks and choose the best tool for the job.

Our designers know more than just graphic software. They're conversant with the best user experience practises, some even program (they are encouraged to!) and are familiar with the latest buzzwords on the web that you could think of.

Having such a diverse set of skills enables us to understand problems better. We're aware of, and guide, different avenues of monetization, user acquisition strategies, product plans. Apart from designing, programming, building products we also provide tech-consulting for our clients.


We know the difference between dogma and accepted best practises. To help you get the most out of technology we advise our clients on how to get the most return on their investment. Let's use (the free) Google Analytics engine in place of building it ourselves. Let's try hosting on the cloud and dedicated servers when we reach scale.

We do have a penchant for idealism but we know that "Real artists ship"


We work closely with our clients. We have strong, agile processes with regular deliverables and heavy client interaction. Most importantly we try hard to understand the problems so that we can engineer the right solutions.

Bridging the gap between technology and business is something our geniuses are adept at and our clients love us for it.


Planning and researching are as important as the implementation details. We evaluate what your competition is up to, what technology stack is best suited for a project, what percentage of your target demographic uses a specific version of a browser.

Decisions must be backed by researched data. Otherwise we're just shooting in the dark - with your money.

Ninety percent of our clients re-engage with us

Stop thinking.
We love having conversations on technology.

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